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In this section you will find useful information about living in Paphos and the surrounding areas including the suburbs and villages of the Paphos District. Here you will find some information on the history of beautiful Paphos, which contains several UNESCO world heritage sites due to its rich cultural inheritance, as well as further information about living in the areas which we provide properties for rental in Paphos.

You will probably have read that Petra Tou Romiou in Paphos, Western Cyprus was the birthplace of the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. And the chances are you will also know that Paphos is steeped in history, with many famous ancient ruins and sites -including tombs, mosaics, caves and museums. So much so, that UNESCO has added Paphos to the World Cultural Heritage List.


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If you are looking for a convenient location that has almost everything, then you might find Chlorakas will fit the bill.

Chloraka is situated 3 kilometres north of Paphos, you will find this little gem of a village – which in the last few years has really become more of a small town.

Chloraka is perfect if you don’t want to travel far, because you can walk to almost everything you need. There are a variety of kiosks, supermarkets, tavernas, pubs, bakeries, banks, hairdressers, restaurants, take-aways, charity shops, doctors, dentists, florists, beauty salons, fruit markets, souvenir shops, churches and more – all within short distances of each other.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay, which was the capital of Cyprus in Roman times, is a stunning, very sought after and affluent western coastal resort – probably one of the most beautiful in Cyprus. It is very popular with both residents and tourists, and sits 3km below Peyia municipality, 6km north of the city of Paphos.

This area is approximately 30 minutes drive from Paphos Airport and 2 ½ hours drive from Larnaca International Airport. It is about 8 miles from Paphos.

To the west and east of Coral Bay there are rocky headlands and sea caves. Coral Bay itself is a beautiful, natural beach of soft white sand, enclosed by a pair of limestone headlands. So if you want to live near superb beaches, then this could be the place for you.

Coral Bay Beach very proudly holds the prestigious European Blue Flag status. The sea here is calm all the year round, is very safe for children and has an abundance of watersports available. Corallia Beach, which is next to Coral Bay Beach, oozes with charm and is also very popular.

If you want a change from the beach, there is also a very popular Olympic sized swimming pool, where The British Olympic Swimming Team themselves have trained.

Coral Bay itself is not only home to some magnificent residential villas and apartments, but also first-class hotels, which subsequently attract many tourists in the summer months.

At times, this influx can cause it to become rather busy. Likewise, weekends when young, local Cypriots visit from Limassol and Larnaca to see occasional live pop concerts can mean it gets quite noisy and hectic.

Having said that, Coral Bay is a much sought after area to live in and is very popular with all nationalities and wealthy locals.

For those of you seeking to live in an area with historic interest, Coral Bay is probably not for you.

Although there is a good bus service to the neighbouring resort of Paphos, it’s probably easier to have your own car for travelling around.

Coral Bay is right on the edge of the Akamas peninsula, a famous protected wilderness with stunning scenery. You will definitely want to drive out to Lara beach to see the baby loggerhead turtles when they hatch! Sea Caves is also an outstanding area of natural beauty and this is close by.

There are banks, bars, supermarkets, doctors, dentists, opticians, florists, kiosks, boutiques, bakeries, restaurants, tavernas, take-aways, cabaret bars, jewellers, tourist shops and more in Coral Bay.

The hospitals (state and private) are about 30 minutes drive away. Local and international private schools are nearby.

This area does get very hot and humid in the summer, but this heat is often tempered by a gentle breeze. It is warm in the winter with temperatures in the evening rarely falling below 7 degrees.

One of the most spectacular points to note about Coral Bay is the sunsets. Visit the beach in the evening when it is quieter and take time to watch this incredible sight – you’ll see what we mean - it’s magical!


As you enter Paphos, coming from the airport, one of the first villages you will come across is Geroskipou (also spelt “Yeroskipou”).

If you like sweets, you will be in seventh heaven living here! Geroskipou, if you don’t already know, is world famous for Loukoumi. First produced in 1895, it is similar to “Turkish Delight”. Along the main road there are an abundance of shops selling it – and as well as complimentary tasting (you won’t be able to resist), you can even watch it being freshly made.

Covering an area of 9 square kilometres, Geroskipou is built up, but has its own special beauty overlooking the beaches and the sea. The area has recently undergone major works updating its roads, pavements and parking facilities.

While the village retains its small, traditional community, it preserves its charm – and has all the benefits of Paphos town nearby where all the main shops are. How many people live here? Well, according to the last census in 2001, the population showed 5,109 - but it has grown considerably since then.

Geroskipou is only 7km away from Paphos International Airport. The main road to Limassol and Nicosia is easily accessible for those who want to venture further afield.

Although locals favour the area, there is now a growing ex-pat community, albeit this is still small in comparison.

In the summer, this area can be very hot and humid – often over 30 degrees -so you need to bear this in mind. But in the winter, because of its close proximity to the sea, it’s considerably warmer than other villages nearer the mountains. So, while you will need your air-conditioning on a lot in the summer, you’ll need less heating in the winter.

Rainfall here is rare, even in the winter - and temperatures don’t usually drop below 12 degrees centigrade.

If you have children there are local schools available in the village. Should you prefer private education, construction has recently started on the new American Academy. This is an international school that will be based within Geroskipou itself. There are other private schools about 20 minutes drive away. So you have plenty of choice.

And if you like sport, you will be very well catered for. The Municipal Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 2,500, has very good, modern facilities and ample parking. There are football pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts, go-karting, mini-golf and more.

Built to Olympic standards, a new open-air swimming pool with ten lanes is also available and all kinds of water sports take place here. There is even special lighting installed so you can swim safely at night.

Geroskipou beach is beautiful - and very popular with both locals and tourists alike. It hosts many special events throughout the year and sees thousands of visitors. What’s more, it has been awarded the prestigious beach award, “Blue Flag of Europe”.

And finally, apart from all this, there are numerous tavernas, coffee shops, banks, supermarkets and other shops within easy walking distance.

All in all – a great location!

Kato Paphos

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Konia is a very friendly, picturesque village 190m above sea level directly above Geroskipou and Kato Paphos. It is situated in a peaceful hillside on the outskirts of Paphos, not far from the main town.

It is a traditional community with spectacular views all over Paphos. Konia is popular with families, couples, retirees and locals who want to have the added benefit of being in a village environment, but also want to be close to many facilities

Village shopping in Konia itself is limited to essentials, but in about 5-10 minutes drive you can be in the centre of Paphos main town where you can find just about everything you need.

One of the added advantages of living in Konia is that the Paphos Mall is only a few minutes drive from the village, and houses Orphanides, the biggest supermarket in the region. At the Paphos Mall (where there is plenty of parking available) you will also find a restaurant, coffee shop, boutiques, shoe shop, baby shop, phone shop, cosmetic store and more.

A couple of minutes drive from The Paphos Mall, heading towards the main town, you will also find Debenhams, Next and Early Learning. Many other well-known chains are situated in central Paphos, including Marks and Spencer’s and Peacocks.

If you are a beach lover, you’ll be pleased to know that Konia is also near some of the best blue flag beaches on the island, which offer a wide range of water sports including jet skiing and paragliding. Many festivals take place on these beaches during the summer months so they do get busy.

Snorkelling and scuba diving are also available. Paphos Waterpark, a major tourist attraction that offers fun for all the family, is also nearby.

The village is within easy reach of the motorway and has the added advantage of being only 15 minutes from Paphos International Airport. Larnaca International Airport is approximately 1½ hours away, with the island’s capital, Nicosia, about 2 hours away.

Conveniently, Konia is also very close to The General Hospital. Or if you prefer, many private hospitals (fee paying) are also in the vicinity. All offer excellent healthcare.

If you have children and are thinking about their education, both international and local schools are nearby. The international schools are all private, with varying fees according to age.

For those of you who are golfers, this could be the perfect area for you with a choice of three (soon to be four) 18-hole golf courses, each between 15-20 minutes drive away.

Konia is also close to many of the famous archaeological sites, including the medieval Fort near the harbour, the Tombs of the Kings and many churches and museums.

In the summer this area isn’t as hot and humid as the coastal areas due to its location. In the winter, temperatures rarely fall below 7 degrees in the evening.

Konia is an area popular with all nationalities as well as locals, and due to its great location and nearby amenities, is definitely worth taking a look!


Peyia, (also spelt “Pegeia”) is situated in the mountains, just north of the stunning Coral Bay area. Now known as a district, Peyia was once a small, scenic, traditional Cypriot village.

So who lives here? Well, if you want to have your fellow countrymen around you, then Peyia could be the perfect place. These days, although there are still many locals, the community is now predominately ex-pats.

How many people live in Peyia? Well, the only figures confirmed were 2,362 as at October 2001 – which are a bit out of date! It’s difficult for us to assume how many residents there are now, but at the time of the last statistics, Peyia was a small village. Since then, it has expanded considerably.

So what’s Peyia like? Well, it has a great deal to offer. You will find restaurants, tavernas, supermarkets, butchers, bakeries, banks, florists, chemists, doctors - and more. It even has a pub. Although Peyia is only about a 20-minute drive from Paphos Town, you will definitely need a car to get around. And while there are flat areas, with an altitude of 212 metres some parts of Peyia are quite hilly and can be cooler in the winter.

Will you be living in Peyia with young children? If so, there is a local junior school with a very good reputation. Or, if you prefer private education, “The International School” or “The American Academy”, are about a 25-minute drive away. The local General Hospital is about the same distance. And, depending on where you live, Paphos International Airport is roughly an hour’s travel.

Facilities are always being added for the benefit of residents, so much so that Peyia will soon have its own Library and lecture hall.

How about churches? Well, there are two main churches and six small chapels. And if you are thinking of getting married, Peyia is definitely one of the most popular places in Cyprus to tie the knot. On average, there are over 800 weddings performed a year.

Moving on, the nearby tourist area of Coral Bay area is stunning. The long, safe, blue flag beach has beautiful, golden sand and crystal clear waters. A wide range of water sports and activities are available too – there’s even a diving school. The nearby Akamas peninsular, one of the last unspoilt natural areas of Cyprus, has spectacular scenery. The beaches in this area are where the famous loggerhead and green turtles can be seen.

Last but not least, the village next door to Peyia is called Kissonerga . Between them, they are known as “The Banana Capital of Cyprus.” So, if you’ve never tasted a local banana, you definitely should - just picked, they are small, very sweet - and absolutely delicious

Sea Caves

Sea caves (near Peyia) is probably one of the finest, most affluent residential areas in the St George’s area (Agios Georgios) of Paphos and therefore one of the most expensive to live in.

It is an ideal place to have your home if you want peace, quiet and tranquility in a stunning setting right away from the crowds.

And if you are a nature lover, then you will fall in love with the simply stunning rugged coastline, small sandy coves and of course, the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Sea Caves is close to the famous Akamas Nature Reserve, which is a protected area of outstanding natural beauty. You can even drive along a bumpy road to Lara Beach, famous for hatching turtles.

Over the last few years, Sea Caves has changed dramatically. It was once just barren land, but is now home to some of the finest properties in Paphos ranging from luxury, high-end apartments to spectacular custom-built villas. Although beautiful, this area won’t suit everyone, due to its location and lack of immediate facilities.

Being rural, you will need to drive approximately 25 minutes to get to Paphos town where the main shopping areas are, 15 minutes to the Tomb of the Kings and 5 minutes to Coral Bay . The busy village of Peyia , where many expats live, is approximately 10 minutes drive away.

The picturesque fishing harbour of St George’s is very close to Sea Caves. So if you like snorkelling or scuba diving and prefer a small sand and shingle beach, then this will be perfect for you. This small harbour has a couple of tavernas too, and is popular with both locals and tourists.

If you have children, there is also a private international school in St George’s and a very good local school in nearby Peyia. There are other international schools about 25 minutes drive away.

At Coral Bay (about 4km away) and Peyia, you will find all the facilities you need, such as restaurants, local tavernas, supermarkets, petrol stations, night clubs, bars, hairdressers, bakeries, banks, doctors, dentists, post office, bus services and more. Hospitals are about 30 minutes drive from here.

An important point to consider is transport if you are considering living in Sea Caves. You will definitely need a car. Buses may eventually serve this area, but at the moment, you will need to go to nearby Coral Bay or Peyia - or else use taxis.

What’s the climate like? Well, during the summer months, Sea Caves is hot and humid, but there is a constant sea breeze. In the winter, this coastal area is much warmer than the mountains.

All in all, if you are the type of person who is looking for an upmarket, absolutely spectacular rural setting, plenty of space, peace and harmony - and not many neighbours - then this could be the perfect area for you.


Tala, a truly picturesque village, is one of the premier locations in the Paphos region. Located between Kissonerga and Tsada, it is built at an average altitude of 280 metres. Situated on a gentle sloping hillside, Tala has spectacular views of Paphos, the coastline and the mountains.

Although a traditional Cypriot village, Tala now has many amenities available. These include supermarkets, a bank, hairdressers, dentists, doctors, bakeries, a delicatessen - and more. The main village square, surrounded by paved areas, tavernas, traditional coffee shops and restaurants is a very popular place for both ex-pats and locals to meet friends and relax.

It’s also where you can watch the many festivals and events that take place during the year. Also of interest, and not far from the village square, is the famous 12th Century Monastery of St Neophytos. This stunning building also provides the water supply for many Tala residents. It’s well worth a visit!

Local transport is very limited in Tala. Most people have their own cars; otherwise taxis are used - although there is a bus service into the main Paphos town. There are no trams or trains. Paphos International Airport is only 35-40 minutes drive, ideal for anyone visiting the island or for you, when you go on holiday.

If you enjoy the sea, the award-winning beach at Coral Bay is about 15 minutes drive. Paphos Town, the main hotels and nightclubs - and of course, the lovely harbour area where the castle and numerous restaurants are situated - are the same driving distance away. And, for those of you who want to travel around the island, there are easy access roads from Tala to the Polis and Limassol areas.

Are you a keen golfer? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that the nearest course at Tsada is only 10-15 minutes drive. Those at Aphrodite Hills and Secret Valley are in the region of 50 minutes drive. A new, exciting course designed by Nick Faldo, will soon be open at Geroskipou, only 25 minutes drive away.

So what’s the temperature like during summer and winter? Well, before moving on to that, you’ll be pleased to learn that Tala enjoys an average of 330 days of beautiful sunshine every year! In the summer, Tala has cooler and less humid air than some areas. But, you need to be aware that temperatures can still rise as high as 38 degrees in August. In the winter, the climate is mild and temperatures rarely drop below 5 degrees Celsius. During this period, Tala’s annual average rainfall is only about 520 millimetres (20 inches).

The October 2001 Government Census shows 1605 people living in Tala. However, the village has grown in numbers since then, so you can probably easily double this figure now. If you will be living in Tala with children of school age, it is the perfect place to be. The International School is only 10-15 minutes drive away

And finally, Tala is one of the very few villages to have a modern medical centre. This provides a doctor’s surgery and 24/7 emergency cover for all residents in the area.

Tombs of the Kings

If you are looking for somewhere to live in Paphos where you won’t necessarily need a car because you prefer to either walk or jump on a bus, then The Tombs of the Kings area will be ideal for you.

In an enviable position, just off one of the main thoroughfares in Kato Paphos, you can easily walk to all the essentials you need – including supermarkets, newsagents, restaurants, cafes, banks, garden centres, nurseries, schools, hairdressers, launderettes, bakeries, butchers, doctors, dentists and opticians.

What’s more, a private medical clinic is very close by, and The General Hospital is only about 10 minutes away.

Paphos airport is approximately 25-30 minutes drive. And, we’re reliably told that very shortly, the popular new airport bus service will be available in this area – and for only a few euros per journey. That has to be another plus for both you and your visitors!

It’s not surprising that living is here very popular. Being centrally located between the tourist area and harbour, Paphos Old Town and Coral Bay, it’s an ideal location for most.

The Kings Road and the seafront, (where you will find the harbour and its abundance of restaurants) are only a 10 minute walk away, as is the famous Paphos “Old Town” where you will find the municipal markets and a large selection of shops, cafes, restaurants and more.

Best of all, it’s very easy to take a stroll out for dinner in this area and not have to worry about driving back - as you can easily walk, hop on a bus or if you prefer, catch a taxi.

If you are looking to retire here, there are quiet spots to live - but there are also an abundance of holiday homes. So, if you are looking to live here permanently, let us help you seek out the perfect place for you. There are plenty of residential “secret hideaways” we know about!

Many hotel and office workers also reside in this area as they can walk to work; it’s just so convenient. The area is a real mix of nationalities and of course, like everywhere in Cyprus, you will find it very friendly.

The Tombs of the Kings historic site, a very popular tourist attraction and the main landmark for the area, is only a kilometre away and steeped in history, dating from 300 BC. The Tombs are very impressive and are reached by stairs that lead into sunken courts, which are surrounded by columns carved from rock. The burial site no longer has any “hidden treasures” - but there’s still a very powerful sense of stillness and mystery when you visit.

As this area is very close to the sea, you should expect the weather to be much warmer here in the winter compared to areas higher up in the mountains. However, in the summer, this area does get very humid. This is particularly noticeable in July and August – and is a time when you will definitely need your air-conditioning on.

All in all – a great location to live!

Universal Area

If you are looking for a residential area in Kato Paphos close to the town and all amenities, then maybe Universal, on the borders of Geroskipou, could be for you.

Universal is a highly populated area. It consists of an upper and lower area, both of which are very popular with a number of nationalities, making it an interesting mix of people.

It is suitable for families, couples, retirees and business people wanting to be close to town. All different types of property are available, from small apartments to luxury villas with private pools. Due to its close proximity to the main tourist attractions, it is also a popular holiday area.

If you don’t want to drive into town, then the lower area will probably be best for you. But, if you don’t mind a walk, then the upper area, which is relatively new and smart may be preferable. If you don’t want to walk at all, you can always use the regular bus service or taxis.

Universal enjoys all the benefits of being close to town, without being in a noisy neighbourhood. Banks, shops, restaurants, hairdressers, bakeries, supermarkets, tavernas, the beach and the harbour aren’t far away, neither is The Paphos Mall, where the largest supermarket is.

The area has the added advantage that local and international schools, hospitals, doctors and dentists are all within easy reach.

The nearest school is only 5 minutes away by car and the town centre approximately 10 minutes walk. Of course, when you are walking in the hot, summer months, you probably need to allow a little more time, as walking at this time of the year is very tiring.

Depending on where you are based, the famous “Old Town” is approximately 20 minutes away. Here, there are many shops, cafes and restaurants and of course, the municipal market which also sells fresh fruit and vegetables.

What’s more, if you want to visit the award winning blue flag beach at Coral Bay, that’s just a short bus trip away – or, if you prefer, the local beach is about 10 minutes walk. So you can see, there is something for everyone.

Access to the motorway is only 5 minutes by car. From here, Paphos International Airport is about 20 minutes drive. Larnaca International Airport is about 1½ hours drive.

There are 3 golf courses nearby, namely Tsada, Aphrodite Hills and Secret Valley, which are about 20 minutes drive away. Very soon there will be a brand new golf course at Geroskipou, which is even closer! So it’s an ideal location to be if you are a golfer.

Moving onto climate, the Universal area of Kato Paphos is very hot and humid in the summer months; you will need either ceiling fans or air-conditioning. But in the winter, this area has the advantage of being much warmer than those areas further towards the mountains - where generally in the winter you need a roaring fire all day!

All in all, due to its great location, Universal is a very popular area with both holidaymakers and permanent residents alike.

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